Privacy Policy

You’ve navigated to the privacy policy page.  Affectionately known to us at the PPP.  Nothing groundbreaking here, just a simple page to let you know that we do not collect data on you while you are browsing around on our blog.  We do not use cookies, conversion pixels, heatmaps, or retargeting.  So, feel free to browse away without any concerns whatsoever.

An idea that we possibly had for the future (depending on interest of course) is the creation of a timely newsletter.  Our initial thoughts is that the newsletter would be delivered via email and include some helpful tips and info and current cold trends throughout the seasons.  We’re not quite certain yet if the newsletter would be topically relevant by region, but needless to say, everything is very much still in the initial planning stages.

You’ll be the first to know if we decide to launch our newsletter.  Please know that if we offer a newsletter, we will only collect your email address with the intention of providing our newsletter to you.  Your information will never be sold and will be kept securely by us.  We are health professionals and definitely take information seriously.

Want to know more about our privacy practices?  Contact us here.