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Welcome Cold Sufferers!

Welcome to my blog—an educational resource for all who find themselves suffering from the unfortunate malady that’s been around since the dawn of sneezing: the common cold. There’s no good time to come down with a case of the sniffles. Although there’s certainly some that are worse than others—anyone who has been unlucky enough to catch a cold the week of the big job interview or on a Caribbean cruise can attest to that. . .


Well hopefully I can help. It’s my plan to gather as much information as possible from around the web to help determine the quickest, easiest ways to get rid of a cold. Fast! That’s what I’m talking about. In the process, I’ll hopefully be able to inform some of you on some of the different ways to protect your immune system from illnesses and how to respond in those moments where you find yourself feeling under the weather.


So welcome friends in all state of health! Hopefully the information here can help you find some sort of relief.


Stay Healthy!


(OR get well soon!)