Vitamins! Vitamins! And more vitamins!


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You’ve probably seen the plethora of products available that all promise to make you feel better instantly. But, they really worked that well wouldn’t it be the best selling product…..ever? And wouldn’t it be advertized everywhere?!


Of course, we all know most of that stuff is too good to be true, so which ones should we trust? And more importantly, which ones should we spend our money on?


Let’s start with an interview I conducted with a professional: a doctor of pharmacy. I went down to my local drug store to inquire with the pharmacist about the wide variety of vitamin-containing/natural products that are designed to getting you over your cold FAST. Here is what he told me:


  • Vitamin C: this is the main ingredient you should look for when eyeing the cold vitamin combos
  • Homeopathy: basically, this type of “medicine” is worthless. In another post I’ll go into detail more about this, but for now, don’t waste your hard earned money.
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12): these can make you feel more energized. Definitely a plus when you’re feeling lethargic from a cold.
  • Multivitamins: in a nutshell, if you don’t have a well balanced diet then you may be deficient in some vitamins. If your body isn’t getting all the nutrition it requires then it won’t run optimally.

Okay, so it seems pretty straight forward, right? Get some vitamin C and call it a day. But how much is the right amount? I asked him that too, and here is what he told me: “everyone’s needs are different, but a good rule to follow is to shoot for 1500mg of vitamin C per day while sick. If you go over that amount it’s not a big deal as your body eliminates the excess via the urine. But don’t take a whole bottle of C in a day.”


He also made a special note to tell me to space the doses of vitamin C out throughout the day. You can’t morning-load on it and expect to work all day long. Also, taking vitamin C daily isn’t a bad thing, but taking 1500mg per day while you’re not sick isn’t necessary.


So how do some popular vitamin C containing products stack up against this recommendation? Let’s take a look.


  • Emergen-C (original formula) contains 1000mg of vitamin C per packet. Recommended dose is one packet per day.
  • Airborne (dual action formula) contains 500mg of vitamin C per tablet.


It looks like both of these mainstream products fall short of the 1500mg/day suggestion. Not to mention taking it once a day won’t help your body fight off the virus for a full 24 hours. I guess the better recommendation would be to grab some plain vitamin C tablets, usually 500mg per tablet, and take them throughout the day to boost immune system support. This will get you to the 1500mg recommendation as well as spacing out the vitamin over 24 hours.


There ya go guys! Natural immune system fighting power! Go out and stock up on the vitamin C today and fight that cold off FAST!