Sleep, Your Best Friend When You’re Sick

Time for another entry about how to get rid of your cold FAST. Are you ready for this valuable piece of advice? It’s free and everyone can do it. It’s not really a secret but most people need to be told what to do. So here it goes…


The secret remedy for getting rid of a cold FAST is: SLEEP! Yup, you’ve heard that before. In fact, your mom probably told you this countless times growing up. The benefits of sleep are far underestimated by those of us with crazy busy lives. We have obligations here and there: children, jobs, second jobs, organizations, clubs, sports, social time, friends, and family. We jam our lives to full to the brim that when we get a cold we can’t slow down.




But the truth is, you need to. If your body is weakened from a virus the best thing you can do is put all those obligations on hold and get some rest. It’s amazing what some solid sleep will gain you when you’re ill.


Don’t worry about all those tasks you still need to get done, don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings, don’t worry about the book club meeting! People will understand. We all get sick at one point or another and if we had the support of our friends and family to assist in putting everything on a bit of a delay then we can return the favor for them in the future. Amazing concept, huh?


But let me elaborate. Let’s say you know you need rest, but how much? If you usually sleep 6 hours a night is getting 7 hours when you’re sick enough? The short answer is no. The long answer goes like this: you need as much rest as you can possibly afford. There is no “magical” number but I can assure you that it is not 6 hours of sleep.


Professionals have recommended a solid 8 hours of sleep to ensure success in your daily lives. There are even CEO’s that boast about how much sleep they get. Has it slowed their career down at all? Obviously not. This leads to the idea that getting a restful 8 hours of sleep when we are NOT sick, means we should get way more than that when we ARE sick. Take the day off, or days if necessary. Remove yourself from clubs, social activities, and other obligations temporarily until you are feeling recovered. Your body will thank you and so will your friends and coworkers for not getting them sick.


And finally the other benefit of being a hermit when you are under the weather means you will have reduced contact with other people. This has the added benefit of reducing the spread of a virus. If EVERYONE did what we just discussed in this post, then the common cold would not get very far, would it? Think about that for a moment.


You’re probably scoffing at this notion already of taking days off work or whatever you have going on, but if we ALL make this change then wouldn’t the world be a healthier place? It would, and in turn fewer sick days would need to be used for a company across the board. I bet you never heard that before. Let me reiterate again: by using sick days from work and limiting exposure to other people, a company will actually pay our FEWER sick days then if we went in while carrying a virus.


Okay, that’s all I have for you right now. Don’t underestimate how sleep has fantastic healing power. Don’t try to be a “tough guy” and show the world that a tiny virus won’t slow you down. We all get sick and if we all practiced this, then we would actually be sicker less.


Stay healthy everyone! Get some sleep (even if you’re not sick)!

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